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The goal of translation is to establish a relation of equivalence of intent between the source and target texts (that is to say, to ensure that both texts communicate the same message), while taking into account a number of constraints. These constraints include context, the rules of grammar of both languages, their writing conventions, their idioms, and the like. At

AZLocalize we don’t take translation as a mechanical replacement of words. We believe it is a creative process. (More)

Software Localization

The most basic reason for a software company to localize its software products is to increase revenue and net income. The logic is very simple: Higher total revenue compensates larger costs on research and development, and product marketing costs. Larger budgets allow the creation of better products and increases the chances of dominating the market's niche. As a localization provider with comprehensive language capability, AZLocalize offers complete solutions in software localization.(More)

Web Site Translation and Localization

Our company offers professional translation services for websites and portals. We can translate your website to any foreign languages and make it accessible for users all over the world. We use only professional, human translators to make your website look natural for foreign users. Our company offers website translation services in over 100 languages. If you need cost-efficient language translation services, look no further, AZLocalize is your one stop source for language translations.(More)

Editing and Proofreading

Proof-reading and reviewing ensure accuracy, consistency, appropriate formatting, and overall quality of the final product—exactly what you need to meet the expectations of your international audience.(More)

Transcription and Voice-over

We offer fast and professional transcription service. Working from CDs, audiocassettes, videocassettes, or even electronic audio files, we can provide high quality transcriptions of technical subjects such as medical conference speeches or financial focus groups as well as transcriptions of advertisements , interviews and verbal questionnaires.(More)

Typesetting and Desktop Publishing

Most translation projects involve at least a minimal amount of formatting. When our clients are seeking to provide high-end foreign language graphics and/or publications, AZLocalize is capable of providing an integrated, end-to-end foreign language translation and publication solution.

At AZLocalize, reliability and trust make us your best Multilingual Service Provider.

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