Software Localization

The most basic reason for a software company to localize its software products is to increase revenue and net income. The logic is very simple: Higher total revenue compensates larger costs on research and development, and product marketing costs. Larger budgets allow the creation of better products and increases the chances of dominating the market's niche. As a localization provider with comprehensive language capability, AZLocalize offers complete solutions in software localization.

AZLocalize provides translation services for all major languages. In fact, our company offers localization services in over 100 languages.

AZLocalize linguists are native speaking, professionally-trained, translators and editors located in their country. They have translation degrees and years of hands-on experience in their particular language. We’ve developed translation style guides, terminology databases and detailed processes to ensure that our translation projects consistently deliver high quality results.

Some of the tools we use in localization include:

Technologies and files types we support include:

C, C++, C#
VB, VB.Net
.exe, .asp, .aspx
Java, J#
Perl, Python
.html, .xml, .xhtml
.swf, .fla
JavaScript, JScript
.asp, .aspx
#, Ajax
Perl, Python
Content Management Systems

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